K9’s are the most efficient of all securities tools.


K9’s can detect so much more than humans. They can alert their handlers to a situation long before a physical specialist would notice the event.


The explosive detection K9 is our number one resource in the fight against terrorist attacks.


K9’s can reduce your need for people on the ground by a minimum of 3 guards per dog.

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Our world has come into a new age, an age that is filled with lots of interesting and amazing things. Unfortunately, it is also filled with threats to our way of life, our freedom, our safety, and security. We are constantly bombarded with news reports of theft (larceny), robbery, bombings, assault, shootings, acts of terrorism, etc.
The Safety and Security of your clients, staff, premises and ultimately your brand must be of paramount importance. Lucky Taihuttu C.A.T.S, Founder – Owner
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Canine Standards Operational

K9 Bali Security Services

Standards for Welfare & Health of Dogs

Provide humane care and treatment for all dogs Provide qualified staff working with veterinarians for health screenings and to create a comprehensive, balanced health care management plan with detailed records for each dog Uphold a commitment to the dog’s welfare for the lifetime of the dog
K9 Bali Security Services

Standards for Staff

Provide fair and equal policies and procedures for staff Maintain well-defined job descriptions and contracts Maintain strict practices regarding confidentiality and security
K9 Bali Security Services

Standards for Trained Teams

Team evaluations Training Follow-up and Team Support
K9 Bali Security Services

Standards of Administration

Operational stability Ethical business practices Financial transparency Responsible use of resources Adequate safety and emergency procedures Adherence to applicable governmental laws and regulations
K9 Bali Security Services

Standards for Training Dogs

Consistent and high quality policies and procedures regarding selection, training, and care of dogs Demonstrate a comprehensive education and training program individualized to the needs of the dog and client Maintain detailed training records
K9 Bali Security Services

Standards for Facilities & Kennels

Ensure that all facilities and kennels used, provide the care needed to meet the individual needs of each dog Ensure that the kennels provide a safe and enriched environment; Demonstrate proper maintenance and cleaning procedures throughout the entire facility
K9 Bali Security Services

Standards for Clients

Clear and comprehensive application, screening, and matching processes for clients Treat clients equally and with respect and dignity Provide clients a good image regarding assistance dog partnership


Why use K9 security in your venue?

Tracking dogs follow a person’s path from a starting point to where the person is. These dogs are able to seek people because they are trained to discriminate human scents. In other words, they don’t seek for any human scent, but for one particular scent. There are two main types of tracking tasks: wilderness search and urban search.  Since these dogs discriminate odors, they need an uncontaminated odor sample (from something the person has touched or wore). They need a starting point (location the person was last seen or known to be) and the tracking process can begin.

This is a highly successful way of finding answers should there be a criminal case. It also allows you to monitor your own area, find out your weaknesses in terms of perimeter security and anticipate any criminal actions that may occur.

Tracking ,

Only seasoned, specially trained K9s and handlers are used on guard and patrol. With their acute sense of hearing and smell, our K9s are an extremely effective deterrent against theft, damage to your property and/or physical altercations. They are also much more effective at patrolling large spaces than either human security personnel or CCTV. In the dark they become your only effective sensor (an intruder can hide from a human, but not from the K9s).

Our K9 guard and patrol teams offer you a more superior service; it is widely known that a single K9 team is more effective than 3 security officers.

Actions taken after detection of threats are handled in accordance with operating procedures set forth in consultation with your venue.

Guard & Patrol ,

Our K9s receive specialist training to detect the odor of narcotics, specific prescription drugs and substances that make up the composition of explosives. When one of these odors is detected the K9 makes an immediate change in behavior that the handlers are trained to recognize.

Having a K9 Unit stationed at your entrance gates would allow vehicles and luggage to be checked before entering the premises. Utilizing K9s to sweep before, during and after an event would ensure these items are detected.

A K9 is capable of detecting odors even when the items are wrapped in plastic and hidden inside containers or materials designed to mask the odor. This is a service that a regular security guard is not able to perform.

Once the items have been detected, it is time for the handler to respond in a predetermined manner, according to the operating procedures we set forth in consultation with your venue.

Detection ,


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Doing a research is the essential process of working on a client`s case. The attorneys need to investigate the case prior to going to court. In fact, the investigation might take quite some time to make it effective and reliable.

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